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I am too tired
I am too exhausted
I have only one desire
I really want to sleep
I am not lazy!
I really have no time...
It makes sad and happy at the same time
In Sweden I bought a book called "Travel in dangerous places" by The Mammoth book? I found out that there are a lot of books by The Mammoth? Have you read something?
1. I could never commit suicide.
2. I could not meet with other men because I will always love that man, and he is in my life now.
3. I could not forgive treasons.
3. Everybody can make foolish or fatal mistakes and I could excuse both of them.
4. Treason is not a mistake.
5. I hate a word "if".
6. I still believe in miracles.
7. I prefer to say the truth and hear truth. Truth is a pain sometimes. Truth is a happiness, at least I hope so.
8. The world confuses me.
9. I really think that the most people are kind.
10. A person could not change. If he is a murderer, he always will have a desire to kill.
11. A person could change himself when his world is broken and his mind and heart are crushed.
12. I am happy when my family is happy. My private life is my first priority. Everything what I do, I do for people who are in my heart.
I haven't written for a long time. I am tired... I am so tired. And I have a new student. Today I was trying to find a good student's book (Elementry level). Anyway, I bought a nice book. I hope it would help me.
We are going to Sweden. That's cool!
Once someone said that a women brings influence to a man, and his mind changes...
Is it true that a man who falls in love with a pretty women can change hisown world?

What do you feel when your dream came true?
I have an odd sense as happiness is only my sensation. The sensation is a blaze of my life. And my dreams could not come true because I will always achieve my dreams.
We were invited by my relatives to celebrate Old New year. In the past Russia had Julian calendar, but some holidays are still actual in my country. We had a good time, although my boyfriend was bored sometimes. I was worried, because he has neve met with my uncle and his family. To say the truth, the family seems crazy frequently, but all of them are very kind. Also he was upset because of his car. Now it is broken, and today he said "I am happy to read a book in the bus!"

I was deeply depressed. Zen'a, Polina and me went to a cemetery. My best friend, Igor, was killed a year ago. He has been a very great and genuine person in many ways. I could not forget his kindness and generosity.
10 o'clock in the morning. Cemetery. There were three girls and silence...

My vacation finished, and a new course begins. I have chosen such classes as "Natonal self-determination in Russia", "Communication and pragmatic aspect of learning foreign language", "Modern art" and others.
I fond an incredibly beautiful picture of Saint-Petersburg

I hate when someone are discussing my life.
I hate when someone asks me stupied questions such as "is it true that you left the University?" or "what is the date of your wedding?".
It doesn't afford pleasure to reconsider my decisins because of idle gossip. And I am not going to do that.